Training Courses



Maturation, Spawning, Hatching, Packing

  1. Design Criteria of a Commercial Maturation Facility
2. Water Treatment / Water Recirculation Systems
3. Biosecurity Protocol
4. Broodstock Reception Protocol
5. Eyestalk Ablation Techniques
6. Nutrition and Feed Management
7. Sourcing and Spawning Techniques
8. Egg and Nauplii Harvest Techniques
9. Egg and Nauplii Treatment Protocol
10. Nauplii Counting and Packing Techniques



Larviculture (Nauplii to PL12)


1. Larviculture Management Strategy
2. Hatchery Design Criteria
3.Larvae Tank Preparation
4.Nauplii Treatment and Tank Stocking
5.Mass Culture Phytoplankton Culture Techniques
6. Zoea Syndrome Management
7. Feed / Artemia Preparation and Protocol
8. Water Management Strategy
9. Post-larvae Harvest and Packing Techniques
10. Hatchery Disinfection / Dry-out Protocol



Phytoplankton (Algae) Culture


1. Pure Culture Techniques
2. Algae Lab Design
3. Chaetoceras and Thalassiosira sp.
4. Cell Counting and Quality Control Parameters
5. Intermediate Algae Culture
6. Mass Algae Culture



Intensive Culture Pond Grow-out


1. Daily Pond Management
2. Pond preparation - Before Stocking
3. Post-larvae Acclimation and Stocking
4. Population Sampling
5. Water Treatment and Management
6. Feeding Criteria
7. Water Quality Parameters
8. Pre-Harvest and Harvesting Protocol
9. Disease Monitoring and Control


Broodstock Multiplication and Breeding Program

Provided as a customized program only. Please go to the "vannamei" link for more information.

English - Recommended but not essential.

Laptop Computer - It is recommended that the participant have a laptop computer or at least a USB flash drive to store course material and files.

Evaluation - Each participant will be given a "final examination" at the conclusion of the training period to insure the sponsor that the participant has learned the course material.