Courses and Fee Information



"Customized" Training Program (combination of):

  • Broodstock Maturation and Spawning Techniques
  • Larviculture (nauplii to PL12)
  • Phytoplankton Pure Culture Techniques
  • Water Quality Monitoring and Treatment
  • Disease Diagnostics (microbiology and PCR)
  • Intensive Pond Grow-out Techniques
Course Fee: Please Inquire
Recommended period - 7 to 14 days
Payment Terms: 100% prepayment (Thai Baht or USD) is required. Payment can also be made upon arrival of the trainee.




Accommodations during the training period are NOT included in the price. Bungalows and hotel rooms near to the hatchery locations are equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms and are reasonably priced.


Vannamei 101 staff will provide transportation between the living quarters and hatchery as well as airport pick-up and drop-off.


Due to the diversity of nationalities attending our training courses, we now allow the trainees to choose their own restaurants according to their tastes. However the hatchery or farm locations are in fairly remote locations, the cuisine would be predominately "Thai food". The use of our on-site kitchen is also available for preparation of "non-Thai" meals.

English Spoken:

Although some comprehension of English is recommended, it is not essential as much of the training and course work is "hands-on". We have found that communication between our Thai/English speaking technicians and the non-English speaking trainees has not been a major problem.

Laptop Computer:

It is recommended that the participant have a laptop computer or at least a USB flash drive to store course material and files.

Training and Evaluation:

Trainees are required to follow, participate, and develop their own SOP manual (with photos) during the course of the training sessions. Development of their own technical operations manual or SOP will help to document their efforts of learning the course material and "hands-on" technique.

At the conclusion of each course, the trainee will be given a training exam to insure the sponsor that the trainee has learned the course material.